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We had a few days before moving in, so we brought over our boxes of kitchen supplies and I organized our kitchen cupboards.  It was nice to have that taken care of right away. Captain Adorable fit nicely in a lower cupboard.

This is Baby Dragon’s day off of school after her burn. She spent some time alphabetizing the spices for me.

Sweetie decorated her bedroom hutch first thing. Here we are on our first night in the house. Our awesome realtor Tracy Brophy gave us that big bucket of treats to welcome us to our new place.

Sweetie and Captain Adorable test out the little TV in the bonus room.  That full size bed was an awesome craigslist find. I wanted a full size bed for Baby Dragon’s room since it will double as a guest bedroom.  It came with a matching dressing table and bench. It was someone’s grandmother’s bedroom set and was in excellent condition. I don’t even want to repaint it, it is so pretty. Handsome Husband had to cut the corners of the box spring mattress to make it fit in the bed frame. I was specifically looking for a bed with rounded corners, so it would have been an issue no matter the frame we bought.

Sweetie is majorly passive aggressive. We see lots of notes like this on her door:

This wall stencil was the FIRST thing that I painted over. Not sad to see it go. We went with the gray from our previous kitchen since I liked it so much. We are keeping the breakfast nook yellow, and I think gray and yellow go well together.

The first appliance was replaced. The dishwasher was 20 years old, louder than heck and the prongs inside were all rusty. Definitely time for an upgrade! We’ll get that awesome linoleum replaced this summer too. And someday that be-ribboned backsplash will go. Someday, hopefully soon. And there’s Captain Adorable painting over the red wall.

Throwing a ball with my boy in our new backyard.

These white flowers smell like orange blossoms. We found a frog in our garage and Captain Adorable was in heaven.

These poor sister missionaries have been put to WORK!  They come over almost every week and help me with one project or another. One day they called me up because one of their appointments fell through and they offered to come help. Since I always have something that needs done, I told them to head on over.  It was just the jumpstart I needed that day. Sometimes it is hard to get motivated when there is SO MUCH to do!

Here they are sanding a door. I told them that they have worked so much on the house that is practically theirs and they will always have a place to stay if they ever want to come back and visit their mission! Handsome Husband paints a door. See those balloons? For my birthday, Jeana picked the girls up from school and brought them home for me.  She stopped at the dollar store and picked up some of my favorite candies, had the kids pick up balloons and had them write in a card or two for me. It was so sweet!  I teared up a little.  Even her boys wrote in a card for me, telling me I was like a second mom to them. It was a wonderful birthday surprise. Jeana is a wonderful friend.

Sweetie helps Grandpa J play Splendor at our Memorial Day get together. I bought this game for Handsome Husband for his birthday and it was a big hit with everyone. The kids love it and so does anyone we teach it to.


Captain Adorable came up to me like this, bat slung over his shoulder, and asked, “Mom, do you want to play ball with me?” I could not say no. We played for a bit outside. And that feathery thing is a dead bird. I found it in our coiled up hose in our backyard while Handsome Husband was at the father son campout. I texted him the picture and said “What is it with me and finding dead bodies while you are gone?” That’s a little reference to our Amenity Inn days.

Here are some pictures from Handsome Husband on the Father/Son campout with Captain Adorable.

That picture on the right is Captain Adorable totally zonked after running the Starlight Run 5k with Handsome Husband and Sweetie. Handsome Husband was supposed to take the girls, Baby Dragon didn’t want to go, so he took Captain Adorable. He said that everyone was impressed that a 4 year old and 7 year old were running it. They had a great time.

  • Handsome Husband - August 6, 2014 - 4:46 pm

    so much nice counter space! yes, I had to be quite creative to get the boxspring to fit. It turned out nicely! we should all go camping at horning’s hideout next year :) Thanks for the great game Splendor! so fun to have you play with me :)ReplyCancel

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