Sweetie at Seven

Sweetie often reads books to Captain Adorable.  This day they lined up an audience of stuffed animals for Sweetie to read to.  When I was her age I used to do the same thing.  Nothing but a stack of books and a bunch of stuffed animals made for hours of entertainment.

At seven, Sweetie continues in her quiet way to be an absolute joy.  She loves to serve and often races to fill up cups with water for the whole family at dinner time.  She prefers to show love through action rather than words.  She likes to be able to anticipate a need and help.  Sweetie loves to snuggle and will line up for a hug if I’m hugging Handsome Husband or Captain Adorable. She loves to drape herself all over Handsome Husband while they sit on the couch.  Handsome Husband is concerned over how affectionate she will be when she starts dating.

Sweetie loves her ballet class and she will dance to music at home, often incorporating some moves from her class. She loves all things girly, most especially unicorns and pink and princesses. She also loves to pretend to be a cat. She will sidle up to me for a pet when she’s on all fours, meowing. She loves our cat Princess Aurora and doesn’t know when to leave her alone.

Sweetie is my early riser. She wakes up happy and she wakes up early (before 7am).  She comes downstairs and reads to herself in the mornings.  She likes to feed the cat first thing in the morning.  She likes to read the Illustrated Book of Mormon series that I used to read as a kid.  She has started to become more interested in spiritual things and can recognize when things feel right.  She loves to color. All the time. She reminds me of my little sister Stefanie in that way.  She likes to keep tabs on her brother and will often ask Captain Adorable if he followed instructions when he was at school.

Probably her biggest struggle is words.  It’s not that she never talks, she only speaks when she has something to say.  And if she is ever stressed or upset, words fail her.  She can’t seem to be able to put her thoughts into words in the heat of the moment.  But she can be very insightful.  She often ends a sentence with “you know.”  Like “I need to get the… you know” and “Yesterday I ate… you know.”  It’s like she doesn’t want to bother trying to figure out how to formulate the words. She sometimes tries to communicate through eye squints and finger pointing and we have to remind her to use her words. Because she is quiet I sometimes think that she is older than she is.  I spent a while editing some videos that she took of herself sitting in front of the computer.  She spent most of the time making silly faces at herself, laughing at her brother or sister’s antics, showing toys or random objects to the computer or eating in front of the computer.  She was just so sweet and innocent and cute.  There was one adorable section where she explained the rules of chess (which she called “chest”), she called the bishop a missionary. I felt like I got to know her better through watching the videos and seeing what was fun and important to her.  She loves all the books I make with pictures and stories from this blog.  She often sits and flips through them.  She likes to find herself in them.  She is quick to make sure she is included in things.  She may be quiet, but she has learned how to stand up for herself in many ways.

While books are her best friends, she also seems to have a close knit group of friends at school.  She and a friend R often draw pictures for each other and send them back and forth.  She gets along very well with others.  She and Captain Adorable often play together at home. Sweetie: “Captain Adorable, pretend that you’re the prince and you’re in love with me.”  Captain Adorable: “Ok, honey. And I fight the bad guys like this- pow!”  Sweetie is a little romantic.  She has already decided that she will marry Landon when she’s older. She also wants to be pretty and sometimes asks me if she is.  Of course, I think she is with that adorable dimple and those huge eyes.  I think she will get even prettier.  Once when she had her swimming suit on with the halter top neckline she stuck out her chest and said, “Mom, do you think they will think I am a woman?”

Sweetie loves her computer and iPad time.  She knows that she must be dressed and her piano must be practiced in order to get her iPad time.  So whenever I hear some piano playing, I know that Sweetie will soon come to me with iPad in hand and expectant look on her face.  No words, just those big hopeful eyes.  (Baby Dragon is not so motivated and willingly skips out on iPad/iPhone time if it means she doesn’t have to practice piano)  I think Sweetie will be great at playing whatever instrument she chooses because of her studious nature.  She likes to do things the right way.  We have been doing laundry parties where everyone folds their own clothes and she will ask me to demonstrate how to fold a certain thing.  Then she will unfold it and try to imitate the way I folded it.

Here you see Baby Dragon with my old iPhone that I gave to her.  We didn’t pay for a phone line for her, so it really only acts like an iPod, using WiFi.  

Sweetie loves to eat sweet things.  When she was recording herself on the iPad, she was eating at the table and she spoke about how eating at the table makes her feel happy and safe with others.  Her favorite foods include tuna fish sandwiches, chicken puffs, spaghetti, Golden Grahams cereal, and every single candy except for very, very sour ones that make you cry. She knows how to rummage and find food and she likes to be self-sufficient.  She is great at getting her own plate and cup, getting her own cereal or drink, getting her own apple, toasting her own bread and making cinnamon toast, or slathering her banana with peanut butter.  If she sees some food that she likes she will make a slurpy noise while licking her upper lip.

Sweetie wanted a picture with all the stuffed animals that she read to. 

Sweetie and Baby Dragon put themselves to bed at night.  They usually read books in bed for a while.  I still put Captain Adorable to bed and Sweetie likes to come in for when I read him a book so she can get read to as well. The girls sometimes keep each other up until 10 o clock when they should be sleeping by 8:30, we are looking forward to getting a four bedroom home (hopefully sometime this year) so they can have their own rooms and can actually go to sleep at night!  Very occasionally Sweetie comes and climbs into bed with me if she has had a nightmare.  She has two wiggly teeth, so pretty soon she’ll be getting a visit from the tooth fairy.  My little Sweetie is growing up and I love her so much!  I am so privileged to be her mother.

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