Mirror Lake

We drove back home from Bend on Sunday and we decided to stop by Mirror Lake with the kids.  We still wanted to keep the Sabbath Day holy, so we spoke about how mountains are often used in the scriptures as holy places.  That mountains are often where prophets went to be close to God before there were temples.  We climbed up the trail together and got closer to God together.

Sweetie struck out and trudged on ahead of us.

When I asked Sweetie to wait for us, she sat on the trail.

Handsome Husband challenged the kids to some sword fights with sticks.

Baby Dragon was too tired to join in.

I took Baby Dragon’s scarf and wrapped it around her head like a pirate.  She was a fan, it helped her to perk up.

This bridge totally freaked me out.  Captain Adorable wasn’t too happy that Handsome Husband wouldn’t just let him mosey on across on his own.  When we saw the lake, I was disappointed.  I hadn’t thought that it might be covered in snow!  I had wanted to see the mirror effect!  I guess we’ll just have to go back someday.

We hadn’t brought water bottles, so we encouraged the kids to eat snow to get some liquids.  Note to self: water bottles are a good thing to bring on a hike.

Baby Dragon really wanted to make a snow angel.

Baby Dragon took that picture of Handsome Husband and I.

While we were up around the lake we said a prayer together as a family.  And as we hiked down I spoke to the girls about how peaceful we felt and how we were all getting along so well.  I pointed out that going to the temple often brings the same feelings of peace and unity.  Baby Dragon said it was sad that we were leaving it behind and I told her that the cool thing is that you can bring that peaceful feeling with you every time you leave the temple or the mountains.  It was a great message to be able to teach through experience.

Baby Dragon made paw prints in the snow.

Mt. Hood.

Baby Dragon made a huge paw print.

Baby Dragon found a face in the log.  The girls waited for everyone at a switchback.  Baby Dragon was talking our ears off explaining the plot lines to the cartoon series Avatar.  Sweetie hardly said 10 words the whole hike.  She really wanted to get back to the car to get some water.

Handsome Husband and Captain Adorable walked together and had many sword/stick fights.  Captain Adorable didn’t like it if I got too far ahead of him.


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