The reason we went on this vacation was because Handsome Husband’s brother had a time share week at a resort there and they had a few extra nights that they weren’t staying for, so they offered them to us.  We were so glad to take them up on it!  When we were driving back to the resort we saw a group of 15 or 16 deer on the side of the road.

Every night that we stayed at the resort Handsome Husband took the kids swimming.  They are little fish.  I came one of the times to take some pictures.  The kids brought their boogie boards that Santa gave them for Christmas.

Captain Adorable is super independent in the water.  He thinks he can swim thanks to his awesome Spider-Man suit.

Sweetie liked her new Hello Kitty floaty thing.

The girls swam around in circles in the kiddie pool to try and make a whirlpool.

Handsome Husband tossed the kids around.


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