Mountain Hood

On our way to Bend, OR for an extended weekend vacation, we stopped to play in the snow at Mt. Hood. Captain Adorable calls Mt. Hood “Mountain Hood.”  Whenever he can see it he calls out “Look!  It’s Mountain Hood!” So he was pretty excited to go there.  The girls tolerate each other as traveling companions.


We drove up to Timberline Lodge to see the skiers.

We went inside the famous lodge.

The girls were tired.  Really, they just wanted to be playing in the snow and not inside a boring old lodge.  Captain Adorable was impressed with the cool stone archways.  It was a cool place.

We went out and found a spot of snow to play in.  The tip of the mountain was covered in cloud.

The kids ate snow.

We didn’t make these snowmen, but I thought they were cute. Almost as cute as Sweetie.

Handsome Husband found something to climb on and the kids rolled down the hill.

Not sure why Baby Dragon was sulking, but I got a cool picture out of it.

We found small sloped canyon for the kids to slide down.

They were so excited to get some snow time.

They had the hardest time climbing back up.

You can see how far down they go in this picture with Handsome Husband at the bottom of the hill.

The kids just had a great time climbing up and sliding down.

Baby Dragon helped Captain Adorable climb by following closely behind him.  I love that picture of Captain Adorable peeking over the snow with a smile in his eyes.

Look at how pretty it was!  Sweetie didn’t want to pause for a picture.  As soon as she got to the top she turned around and slid back down.

Look at the view!  It was just gorgeous.  I’m not much of a landscape photographer, but I couldn’t keep from taking a few shots.

Baby Dragon helped Sweetie up. Captain Adorable lost a boot.


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