February iPhone Pics

Baby Dragon and the girls at school are singing along to The Greatest Showman soundtrack.


Captain Adorable got to go rock climbing again. He fell asleep on the floor and I had to take a picture. He used to do that all the time.


Captain Adorable was so proud of how he did his hair. I liked this Snapchat filter.


We went to play billiards with classmates.


Captain Adorable loved it, he wanted to come back again.


Baby Dragon has accepted the inevitable picture taking when I am present.


Handsome Husband and I went to the ward Valentine’s activity. We had a nice little date night.


Baby Dragon needed a formal dress to wear to New Beginnings and I pulled out my old prom dress. She is a little short for it, but she fit it pretty well. She was pretty excited. She says she may even wear my dress to her prom.


For Valentine’s Day we bring cards for everyone in the whole school. We bring our own boxes and then we hand out all our Valentines.


Handsome Husband gave me a dozen red roses, chocolate covered strawberries and then he surprised me with these pretty double hooped earrings. My parents sent the kids Valentine’s cards with a little cash.


Handsome Husband took a day off work and took the kids to the Wings and Waves Waterpark.


I was happy to let them go be fish together.


Fernando brought his kids as well, so the kids were happy to have friends to play with.


There were cool shuttles in the waterpark.




The kids liked to play in the snow on the trampoline.


I found a half of a muffin the kids set aside for Handsome Husband.


Captain Adorable chose to read Peter Rabbit for his school book report. He wanted to read it because he recently saw the movie. Oh, there is a story about that. He received a movie theater gift card in his Christmas stocking. He decided that he wanted to take me to the movies with it. When he saw the previews for Peter Rabbit, he decided that that was the movie. He had to wait a couple of months because it didn’t come out until February. Then we went to go see it the day after it was released. It just so happened that some old friends had come to visit and they spent the night the night before. We took them with us and invited a lot of his school buddies to come to. Pretty soon we had a big group with us to watch Peter Rabbit. They all loved the movie. Anyway, so, that explains his interest in the book. I loved that he was reading a classic. He liked filling out his book report and he told me that he really enjoyed doing that book report. So glad that some of the homework I assigned was enjoyable!

021-storyboardMore snow!

Sweetie is being a fossil in the snow.


Here are some more pictures from sledding at our friend’s house.


Baby Dragon, the pied piper. Sweetie and her best friend B.


The boy and I.


This is when I sledded down the steep stairs. It doesn’t look nearly as scary as it felt!


Handsome Husband took the kids to watch the BYU basketball game when they came up our way to play.


Captain Adorable LOVES making paper airplanes. I find them EVERYWHERE. Here he is making paper airplanes out of the programs at church. He is always folding them. And those terrible looking cupcakes are my attempt at making cool cupcakes for the Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet. I was able to salvage them and with cool frosting on top they looked like torches.


Captain Adorable received his pine wood derby car kit. He is super excited about that. He and his den put on a skit for everyone.


My cute little wolf.



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