January iPhone Pics

We introduced Grandpa R and Grandma J to the joy of Mod Pizza.


Giving Grandma hugs goodbye.


We loved having them visit!


Captain Adorable’s room has been redecorated in Star Wars fashion with Grandma’s help.


He LOVES it! He keeps thanking me for his Star Wars room and talking about how lucky he is to have his own room decorated so nicely. He says that I understand about wanting your room decorated nicely since I have my own room decorated with an ocean theme.


I went out on a girls’ night to see Pitch Perfect 3.


Sweetie got a new Lego set from Grandma L for her birthday. Captain Adorable did some scripture reading.


Playing games and watching movies for Sweetie’s birthday celebration.


Baby Dragon received a cake decorating kit for her birthday and she loved using it.


I helped her mix the fondant properly.


She made it for Sweetie for her birthday.


Later she pulled out my cake mold for a barbie cake and made a full sized one.

019-storyboardCaptain Adorable’s class earned a party and they wanted a craft party. I brought a bunch of popsicle sticks and googly eyes and other craft supplies and told them to go crazy. Captain Adorable made the zoo entrance and I put my bird on it. Later he made Garmadon from the Ninjago movie out of popsicle sticks.

Captain Adorable fell asleep while doing his homework.

Jeana met up with me at the temple on afternoon. And I love this new arrangement with the kids’ baptism pictures on canvas.

020-storyboardThere is an app that will search a database to see if you look like a piece of art.


These were the best they could do.


At Cub Scouts Captain Adorable made a meal plan. He was so excited to come home and cook it. It was the cutest thing. He wants us to make it again. One afternoon I checked on Captain Adorable playing in the bonus room. He likes to play with Legos. I looked at what he was doing and he had these two mini figurines dancing. He told me, “The thing is I am kind of a romance guy, I just don’t like to talk about it because then my sisters might not want to play with me.” So cute! I bet his sisters wouldn’t mind. I told him every guy is a romance guy.

023-storyboardBaby Dragon got invited to a surprise birthday party for a girl in our ward.

We went roller skating with the school. The kids got to wear their new roller blades that they received for Christmas.


I took Captain Adorable’s Cub Scout den to the temple for their Faith in God Footsteps belt loop. We walked around the temple and talked about the meaning of the different symbols on it.


I told them to touch the temple and realize how precious it is that we have a temple to go to when there haven’t been functioning temples on earth for thousands of years.


I took Sweetie and Captain Adorable to Safari Sam’s one last time before it closed. Captain Adorable wanted to use some of his chore money to pay his way in.



For crazy hat day Captain Adorable wore my Bucket List Family Adventure band for a little bit. For a writing assignment in Language class I had my students search through some magazines for pictures that they liked. Then they cut out the pictures and wrote a story to go with them. This was Captain Adorable’s story about a cat stealing the Liahona.


Captain Adorable was reading me a book and he cringed at the words sad and glad. He said they were baby words and he wanted bigger words instead. We replaced them with heartbroken and happy. He said he could tell he was getting older since he didn’t like those baby words and because he had already gotten a- (here he gestured at his face) and I said, “Pimple?” He had gotten a tiny pimple a few weeks ago. And he nodded and said, “Have my sisters had dimples?” I loved that he mixed up the words while he was trying to be so grown up.


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