Beach Getaway

Weeks ago, Handsome Husband mentioned that he would like to have a getaway with just him and I. He didn’t think I would go for it, but I found a deal on Groupon and one of my gifts to him on Christmas was a night away to the coast. It was very convenient that my parents were in town and were willing to take care of the kids for us. We went to Seaside and stayed at the Gilbert Inn. It was a beautiful, historic building and I loved staying there.


We went for a walk along the boardwalk. I wore my Bucket List Family Adventure Band that I received for Christmas. The Bucket List family is a cute little LDS family who have been traveling the world for the past couple of years. They post videos on YouTube every week and I have enjoyed watching them. They have two little kids and are pregnant with a third. The Adventure Band is one of their signature things and a portion of the profits go to their charitable efforts.


The weather was moody and chilly, but beautiful.


This seashell looked like the Phantom of the Opera mask. We had a tasty dinner together.


The next day we walked the shops and bought a few things for the kids.


We shared a tasty gelato.


It was nice to get away together and focus on each other after such a busy holiday season.


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