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iPhone Pics

We rang in the New Year quietly with Fernando– Jeana and the kids were still out of town visiting family.View full post »

Sweetie at Seven

Sweetie often reads books to Captain Adorable.  This day they lined up an audience of stuffed animals for Sweetie toView full post »

Sweetie turns 7!

When I asked Sweetie what dinner she wanted for her birthday she said Little Caesar’s pizza. It is her favoriteView full post »

Mirror Lake

We drove back home from Bend on Sunday and we decided to stop by Mirror Lake with the kids.  We still wanted to keepView full post »

Smith Rock

One of my favorite parts of our trip was this hike around Smith Rock. We hiked to that round rock in theView full post »

Out to the Movies

We took the kids to the local McMenamin’s movie theater.  McMenamin’s has many locations in Oregon andView full post »


The reason we went on this vacation was because Handsome Husband’s brother had a time share week at a resortView full post »

Lava Lands

The main area for Lava Lands was closed but we were able to hike an “after hours” trail.  We continued toView full post »

High Desert Museum

We loved the blue skies and the mountain views in Bend, Oregon. I took this picture as we were driving. Our first stopView full post »

Sledding on Mt. Hood

There wasn’t a ton of snow on the mountain, so we were planning to go to a place that made some fake snow andView full post »

Mountain Hood

On our way to Bend, OR for an extended weekend vacation, we stopped to play in the snow at Mt. Hood. Captain AdorableView full post »

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