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October iPhone Pics

Here is Sweetie’s ballet class.  She is the 4th girl in.  She is dancing with a flower.  We are trying to growView full post »

Halloween 2013

Every Halloween Handsome Husband wants us to come Trick or Treating at his office.  Since he got a new job, this wasView full post »

Trunk or Treat

This year our ward Trunk or Treat was quite the event.  It was a chili cook off and it was sooo crowded.  Everyone cameView full post »

Surprise Date

So, my husband is the best ever.  He won some really big points tonight.  He has had this “surprise date”View full post »

Carving Pumpkins

The kids have really looked forward to carving pumpkins.  Sweetie especially, she even wanted me to point out the dateView full post »


Katie seems to have taken to cheerleading.  I’m not sure if she’ll want to continue, but it was a funView full post »

Preschool Fieldtrip: Pumpkin Patch

Captain Adorable loved his field trip to the pumpkin patch.  He got to slide down the slides, run on the hay bales andView full post »

Pumpkin Patch

It may have been a little misty, but we made it to the pumpkin patch together this year. We visited a farm that weView full post »

Playful Boy

Captain Adorable keeps himself entertained fairly well while the girls are at school.  We used to have this trampolineView full post »

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