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I had to get a picture or two of Captain Adorable folding his arms for prayer at the dinner table.  I always thought itView full post »

Picking Blackberries

On Ruthann and Ross’s last day in Oregon we took them blackberry picking.  Berry picking is one of the most funView full post »

Silver Creek Falls

Handsome Husband took the day off and we went down to Silver Creek Falls.  The last time we hiked these trails I wasView full post »

Double Date in P-town

Handsome Husband and I took Ross and Ruthann to our favorite restaurant in downtown Portland.  They hadn’t everView full post »

Touring a Mansion

Continuing on with our tour of Portland, I took Ruthann and Ross to see Pittock Mansion.  Katie was not feeling veryView full post »

Multnomah Hike

Multnomah Falls is one of those hikes that you MUST do when you visit.  We thought it was cool to see this ladyView full post »

A Preview

One thing I was super excited to do with Ruthann and Ross was a photo shoot!  I wish I had more couples to photograph!View full post »

Beach and Boyfriend

Aunt Ruthann wanted to do Katie’s hair for church.  Katie loved the attention. Ruthann’s visit was a littleView full post »

River at Smith Homestead

We took Aunt Ruthann on a new adventure.  We found a spot to stop at along the Wilson River on the way to Tillamook.View full post »

Big Boy Bed

With Aunt Ruthann visiting, we figured it would be a good idea to get a twin bed for Captain Adorable’s room soView full post »

Fun with Auntie Ruth

We tried to keep Aunt Ruthann entertained while she visited.  I made some play dough cookie dough and we got creative.View full post »

Splash Park

My sister Ruthann came for a visit.  We took her to a splash park because the weather was so hot.  Katie just loved theView full post »

Captain Adorable’s Birthday Party

We celebrated Captain Adorable’s birthday with Jeana’s family at Captain Adorable’s favorite OuterView full post »

Captain Adorable is THREE!

Captain Adorable is my most favorite boy in the whole world.  He has been so much fun to watch as he has grown.  WeView full post »

Work Party

This was the first work party we have gone to with Handsome Husband’s new job.  It had a Hawaiian theme and weView full post »

Camping by the River

We have been looking forward to our ward campout all summer.  We camped by the Kilchis River near Tillamook where weView full post »

Dinner at Grandma L and Papa J’s

Handsome Husband has been itching to visit his parents so we headed down for a nice afternoon after church.  HandsomeView full post »

Rockaway Beach

We decided, with half of Portland, to escape the almost 100 degree weather by heading to the coast.  Because theView full post »

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