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May iPhone Pics

Captain Adorable learned about dinosaurs at school. His science teacher is awesome and she made dinosaur eggs that theyView full post »

March iPhone Pics

For New Beginnings this year we had a sports theme. This was at the request of one of our Laurels. It was so fun. IView full post »

February iPhone 2017

Captain Adorable is learning how whale blubber keeps a whale warm. He has a layer of Crisco between his hands and iceView full post »

Yard Work

Handsome Husband put the girls to work in the yard. Sweetie rakes the leaves. Baby Dragon got to wield the leafView full post »

July iPhone Pics

Saying goodbye to Baby J and my sisters. So sad! We barely made it to Pendleton. Oh my goodness, I had a hard timeView full post »

May iPhone Pictures

My aunt Abra introduced us to SnapChat. Baby Dragon loved it. It is so fun to put all these filters over your pictureView full post »

January iPhone

Never a dull moment with Baby Dragon around. Those blue blinds are a Christmas present. We’ve had naked windowsView full post »

Daddy’s Little Helper

Handsome Husband is always itching to do some project or other. This is one that I’m very excited about. He isView full post »

July iPhone

We needed to find some way to cool off since July was SO HOT this year, so we decided to go play at our local pool. TheView full post »


We got started on our yard design with the trampoline. We had ordered a 15 foot diameter trampoline and we wanted theView full post »

May iPhone Pics

Baby Dragon opened up a little diner for the family. She went around asking for orders and then served them. I went forView full post »

Tiling the Fireplace

I told Handsome Husband that I would REALLY like the fireplace tiled before Christmas. Because, stockings. You need aView full post »

Floors Finished!

Here are some before and afters. The first picture is what the kitchen looked like when we moved in, ivy stencil andView full post »

Makeshift Stage

While I was laying the vinyl tile in sections, the kids used the parts I’d already laid as a makeshift stage.View full post »

Laying Floor

We have had a bit of a snag arise in regards to our new floors. We wanted to replace the kitchen, family room, halfView full post »


A friend of mine came to visit and she pointed out that those trees in our backyard are the perfect distance apart forView full post »


When we moved in there was a small dirt patch framed with wood, shaped like Utah, right in the middle of our side yard.View full post »

May iPhone Pics

We had a few days before moving in, so we brought over our boxes of kitchen supplies and I organized our kitchenView full post »

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