September iPhone Pics

Our pretty Multnomah Falls!


After years of serving in the Young Women organization at church, I finally earned the Young Women Recognition Award! I was so close to getting it when I was a Young Woman, I probably could have gotten it if I had talked with a leader. But I was so glad of the opportunity to earn it now. It was timely because I was released the next week!


Labor Day weekend was busy with Captain Adorable’s baptism and my parents visiting. But we were able to make time for a friend from high school to come and visit with her family. It was so good to catch up with her!

003-storyboardBaby Dragon calls herself a “Pega-sister” which is the official term for a teenage girl who still likes My Little Pony. She is excited to go see the movie when it comes out. This collage shows how serious the wildfires in the Gorge were this fall. We had JUST gone on this Oneonta Gorge hike last month and it was so sad to see these pictures! It also made me grateful that we made an extra effort to go on a bunch of hikes in the Columbia River Gorge this summer because we got to enjoy it before all the fire damage.


Baby Dragon is so blessed to have a big Young Women’s group at church. She and her friend S love to hang out and laugh together.


Baby Dragon has been planning for a pixie cut for MONTHS. She calls it “boy short hair.” She wanted to wait specifically so that one of her girlfriends at school could see her hair long one last time before she got it cut. So, the day after the first day of school I took her to a salon and she got it chopped. She was SO excited and she smiled the whole time.


The salon sent her long pony tail in to Locks of Love.

007-storyboardDoesn’t she suddenly look 16?? She is only 12!

At school during recess, her friend B (the one that HAD to see Baby Dragon’s hair long before she would cut it) helps Baby Dragon try to use a ripstick. Captain Adorable and Sweetie climb on the big purple dinosaur slide with friends. They call the dinosaur “Duplo” and he is going to get a makeover this year. He is looking pretty beat up.


We went to the temple and did Sealings with Jeana and Fernando. It is so fun to go with friends.


Look at my little handyman. Captain Adorable was helping Handsome Husband to beautify our entryway. He was actually avoiding going to bed, so Handsome Husband put him to work. I overheard him talking to Handsome Husband. He said, “You should have me do more of this! I really like it!” Handsome Husband offered to let Captain Adorable help him paint it. Isn’t that sweet?


I found this little diner list that Sweetie made. So cute! It is so nice when the kids play creatively together. This year at school, one of the moms has organized an after school PE class for everyone. She is introducing different sports every week. This week was soccer. Captain Adorable thought he was an expert.

012-storyboardThere is Captain Adorable at soccer practice. On breaks, the kids put on their roller blades and ride ripsticks together. They like to make trains. Sweetie usually roller blades while eating an apple.

I met up with my friend L at the bookstore for an author reading. L is an author herself and she is friends with this one. I was happy to get to hang out with her, I hadn’t seen her in forever. We went out to Mod Pizza afterwards.


Handsome Husband and Captain Adorable were out of town having a great time at Legoland. To soften the blow to the girls that they didn’t get to go, I bought tickets for Cirque du Soliel. I had never been and I bought seats just two rows from the front on the side of the stage. But there was a little problem. TRAFFIC. I left with DOUBLE the time to get there, but it was Friday and it was Portland. My GPS kept redirecting me so I could get there, but it brought me to an intersection that was so convoluted that it took an HOUR to get through. Even though my GPS said it was only supposed to take 10 minutes. And so we sat for an HOUR within a mile of the circus. Sweetie cried, I almost cried, I was so angry and helpless. We ended up looking up Studio C videos to try and relieve the tension and anger that we were all feeling. We listed all the things we were grateful for, to realize that in the grand scheme of things it didn’t matter that we were missing the show that was supposed to be the FUN thing that the girls got to do instead of Disneyland. We arrived during intermission, which means we missed the entire first half. But we put on happy faces, and were wowed by the actual circus tent.


We had great seats. The show was beautiful! Our favorite was when two very strong guys flew around on cords. They were beautiful.


After the show we went and looked at the cool things out in the lobby. I decided that it couldn’t hurt to go and SEE if MAYBE the circus people would give us some kind of compensation since we missed the first half of the show even though I made every effort to be there on time. And luckily, thanks to good customer service, the RE-INVITED us to stay for the evening show that very night! Sweetie told me that she had been praying that we would make it in time. I told her that maybe Heavenly Father answered her prayer by making it so she got to see the show one and a half times!


We were very excited to get to see the first half of the show. Baby Dragon had been most excited to see someone ride a bike upside down and we had missed that. I was excited to see the contortionists which were also in the first half. Sweetie liked the cute little person lady.


The seats they gave us were only a few rows back from our original places. We were excited for round two.


It was a cool stage with steampunk inspired costumes.


I bought popcorn because we hadn’t eaten dinner. We had been planning to go out after the show. The girls also scared a pretzel.


We had a girls’ night for Sweetie upstairs and a girls’ night for Baby Dragon downstairs while the boys were out of town. Sweetie’s group played with Legos and then watched Mulan. Baby Dragon’s group watched Ever After. I made popcorn for them. I remember having informal group hangout parties when I was a youth and it really helped us feel unified at church. I am hoping to arrange for monthly hangouts like this with the other parents so my kids can experience things like this. And there is Captain Adorable with his homework that I assigned.


Look at my cute cub scout. And me in my new Scout leader uniform.


Captain Adorable playing soccer! I found these papers on the counter. Baby Dragon was super excited about the rain. She is super Oregonian, she missed it! So she created a weather report. I thought it was so cute. And then it got even better when I found a video that Baby Dragon directed! She scripted it, cast her brother and sister as weathermen and made them memorize their parts. It was so fun!


My 3rd graders got creative a school.


Sweetie caught a grasshopper! I remember catching grasshoppers. I am happy to leave it to her, now.


I subbed for Captain Adorable’s church class and we talked about families. We made chains with all our family members on it. Captain Adorable enjoyed making the chains so much that when we got home he kept adding more and more family members! He made sure Jesus was on the chain as well. And this screen shot shows the exact moment that I decided that we needed to go to the coast in the middle of the week.


So worth it!


Sweetie is fearless!


Handsome Husband got the Halloween boxes out and the kids had fun dressing up!


Handsome Husband took the kids to a friend’s house to watch a BYU football game. Captain Adorable wanted to get all dressed up for it. He had me paint his face and spray his hair blue.


Handsome Husband was SO proud of his very own Batmobile creation. He had no instructions, just came up with on his own. He made it while listening to General Conference.


We watched the 2nd day General Conference at Grandma’s house with cousins. Captain Adorable and D made log houses together. Captain Adorable was so happy that D was fun to play with. There is a four year age difference between them and Captain Adorable isn’t always patient with him. I am happy that they are getting along more.



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