1st Day of School 2017

Grandma J and Grandpa R left too soon! It was a short trip over Labor Day weekend, but they are coming back for Christmas! Now, back to real life, today is the kids’ first day of school. It snuck up on us. I think we needed another month of summer, at least I would have liked it.


Captain Adorable is pretty excited to see his friends again. He is starting 3rd grade! I can’t believe my baby is in 3rd grade. See the red sun in the reflection? That is from all the haze and smoke in the air from the wildfires in the Gorge. We could smell the smoke and we could see ash falling. It was a BAD fire.


Sweetie is starting 5th grade. She is super excited to get more homework! She really actually enjoys it. I love that she loves to learn. I love that she is such a self starter. She likes to feel productive and to fill her time with worthwhile things. That will serve her well in the future.


Um, look who grew up overnight. Baby Dragon is starting 7th grade. That means she would be in JUNIOR HIGH if she were in public school. I am very ok with keeping her away from that environment. Grandma J took her shopping at her favorite clothing store (Justice) and spent way too much money on her. Baby Dragon was SO happy to start the new school year with new clothes. She may not be excited about the homework, but she is looking forward to spending time with friends.


Handsome Husband photobombed this picture. We always kneel and have family prayer before heading out to school in the mornings. It is nice that Handsome Husband works close enough that we can have the whole family together in the mornings.


I am teaching Captain Adorable’s Language¬†class and I am also teaching Language to the 2nd graders. I am pretty comfortable with teaching Language, so it works. Luckily, Captain Adorable still likes having me for a teacher.


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