Captain Adorable’s Baptism

Captain Adorable’s big baptism day was so great. Look at my cute boys.


It was SUPER hot outside, but I wanted to get some pretty pictures since both the girls’ baptisms were in the winter and it wasn’t really an option.


I am so grateful that Handsome Husband is a good man and father. It warmed my heart that he was able to perform the baptism.


Captain Adorable is showing how excited he is for his baptism.


Captain Adorable is such a good boy. He wants to choose the right and he wants to follow Jesus.


I wanted to get some pictures with him.


I love my little boy.


It was the cutest thing, when Captain Adorable went into the water, he giggled. He told me he couldn’t stop smiling because he was so excited. He was baptized by Handsome Husband. My dad and his dad were the witnesses. I got to stand and watch him from the top of the steps and see his face the whole time. Then I wrapped him in his white towel and sent him in to the bathroom to change with Handsome Husband. Because it was a stake baptism there were two little girls that were also baptized. After all three children were baptized they stood in front of the audience and sang “When I am Baptized.” It was the cutest thing. I was so proud of Captain Adorable.  When Captain Adorable received the laying on of hands for the gift of the Holy Ghost he had both of his grandpas, his uncles Scott and Jeff, Fernando and his dad in the circle.


My parents have been able to come to all my kids’ baptisms and that has been really special.

012-storyboardI asked my parents to kiss Captain Adorable’s cheeks and my mom lost her balance. She was fine. 013-storyboard

Lots of cousins came to support Captain Adorable for his baptism. His Aunt J and Cousin S gave him a card and some candy. He couldn’t wait to open it.

014-storyboardHandsome Husband’s parents have also been at each of the kids’ baptisms. My kids are so blessed to have so much love from both sides of the family.015-storyboard

Grandpa J and Grandma L gave Captain Adorable his very first journal.


There’s his new journal.


Captain Adorable is telling me a joke, but Handsome Husband came over and ruined the punch line. So Captain Adorable is protesting.


Isn’t he cute?


Back at our house we had Hawaiian Haystacks for all the cousins, friends, aunts and uncles and grandparents. My mom is a rock star and did so much to get us all ready to feed our little army. Captain Adorable changed out of his Sunday clothes immediately and had the best time hanging out with everyone.



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