Captain Adorable: Great to be Eight

Captain Adorable is getting baptized this weekend! I brought him to the temple to get his eight year old pictures to commemorate the occasion.


He was so accommodating. He came up with half the poses. Doesn’t he look like a little missionary with the Book of Mormon?


Captain Adorable is such a light in my life. He is, by nature, a happy child. His smile and giggle is infectious. He loves playing and laughing and joking. He is kind and naturally aware of other’s feelings. He loves to share. He says he is best at sharing candy.


I have such a sweet relationship with Captain Adorable. He loves when I read to him and he often asks me to “help him” go to bed. This involves going to his room, kneeling down while he prays, reading him a book, a hug and kiss, and standing at the door while he talks and talks. Then I turn off the light and tell him he is the best boy. He has been asking less frequently, but I try to go and help him every time he asks. When I am leaving the house, and he is staying, he will call for me to wait and then he will run over and give me a tight squeeze around my waist. If I give him a certain look he will come and hug me. Sometimes I will say his name and say, “Do you know what?” And he will say, “You love me” and I will say “Yep.” He loves to talk to me and he will come to my room while I am reading in bed and he will crawl in bed with me and start talking about things. He likes to make things for me and he likes to give me flowers. He is just starting to prefer to not hold hands with me or to not melt into me quite as much when he hugs me. But I am cherishing his sweet companionship as long as he will let me. There are times that Handsome Husband is jealous of Captain Adorable, but I tell him that he will get to keep me for forever. Captain Adorable will not be little for forever.


Captain Adorable loves to play with Legos. He has become very interested in paper airplanes and folding papers. He told me that folding paper is his jam. Then he asked if I knew what he meant by “his jam.” He folds all of his programs at church into airplanes and Handsome Husband got him some origami books from Goodwill. They are a little advanced for him, but he enjoyed them. It is such a boy thing to be making paper airplanes and it makes me smile when I find them scattered about the house. I found one stuck in a doorjamb. It wasn’t so fun when one struck me in the head, but Captain Adorable was very apologetic. I spent an afternoon watching YouTube videos and making a few advanced paper airplanes with him.


He loves to play games. He loves SolarQuest (which is a space Monopoly game), Telestrations, Ark of the Covenant, Splendor and Risk. He also likes some card games like Love Letter, Play Nine and Monopoly Deal. He often sets up a game and then invites me to come and play with him. He is the only one who can get me to play because he is just so sure that I want to play with him. I can’t disappoint him. He does sometimes struggle when no one in the house wants to play. Like, if I am busy cooking, cleaning or working and his sisters are busy reading or listening to music and Handsome Husband is at work. He laments that they just don’t understand that he doesn’t have a brother and he just wants someone to play with. Poor guy.


Contrary to the pictures below, Captain Adorable does not enjoy reading. I am hoping that he will come around someday. We listen to books in the car often and he pays attention part of the time. We just need to find the right book for him. He does a decent job reading during family scripture time, so he is coming along. Haha, you can see the safety pin that I hemmed Captain Adorable’s pants with in these pictures! I am not a seamstress.


This picture spot was Captain Adorable’s idea. I loved it!009-storyboard

One day Captain Adorable told me that he wanted to have big muscles when he grows up. I told him that he had a couple of uncles who were into body building and they could give him pointers if that is what he wanted. I asked him why he wanted to have big muscles and he said it was because more girls liked boys if they had big muscles. I sputtered a little, not knowing where he picked that up. Maybe it was from tv? I explained that if girls only liked him for his muscles that they weren’t the right kind of girls. He then told me that most really pretty girls weren’t very nice. What? Once again, I blame the tv. I told him that that isn’t true, there are a lot of pretty girls who are very nice. It was an interesting conversation that felt like it came out of the blue. It is fascinating to have little window into his perspective when it comes to girls. I hope I can help him develop healthier and more realistic views about boys and girls as he gets older!


Then he offered to pretend to pray and I just think it is so sweet.


One day Captain Adorable became introspective and he started telling me the things he hoped for in a future wife. He said that he wanted to find the most beautiful girl he could find and that she needed to be someone who followed Jesus and kept the commandments and who was loving to others. Then he started telling me what he wanted to be like for her: strong, helpful and believing in Jesus. I can’t remember all the details of what he said, but I just thought it was the sweetest thing. He was so serious about it.


He loves little, cute things. His favorite stuffed animals are small and have big eyes. He loves kittens because they are cute. I love his goodness and innocence.


I told him to think about Jesus in this first picture.


I wanted to make sure I took his eight year old pictures before he lost his two front teeth. His teeth have worn down to nubs! They have stayed in his mouth for so long! But he will lose them soon. He looks so small with his baby teeth.


Captain Adorable’s favorite color is green. He loves stroganoff and lasagna and hash browns. And he wouldn’t be opposed to trying to eat them all together. His favorite drink is water. When I give him food, he is always eager to share it with others.


He loves to be silly and to get a laugh out of others. He is always moving and he literally bounces. When he plays sports he skips and bounces and smiles the whole time. It is unusual for him to be unhappy. I can usually pull him out of the doldrums with hugs and talking him through it. He is generally great at articulating his thoughts and feelings.


Captain Adorable has a great amount of faith in Jesus. He loves his Savior and wants to keep the commandments.


Like most boys his age, Captain Adorable loves video games. And he likes watching Teen Titans. His favorite movies are super hero movies. He feels privileged that his dad lets him watch some PG-13 movies since they are super hero movies, like Spider-man Homecoming. He says his favorite super hero is Hulk- I think it is because he is green.


Captain Adorable can get away with quite a bit. When it is time to clean he will quietly sneak away, but he comes running when I call and he helps for a little while until he can quietly sneak away again. We are working on that. He feels like he is not a hard worker and he doesn’t love that about himself, but I think we can help him turn that around. He just loves to play.


We stopped by the visitor’s center at the temple and Captain Adorable wanted a picture of him reading the scroll.

021-storyboardHe got a picture with the Christus statue.

He is getting ready to follow in Jesus’ footsteps and get baptized! He is so excited. He wants to make God happy.


After pictures we went and bought him his very own scriptures. He wanted to change out of his church clothes right away. He prefers to be comfortable.


I love my boy! He is the best!


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