Camping at Kilchis

I took the kids early to get some extra camping time in. Sweetie brought her Harry Potter book and enjoyed reading in the hammock.004-storyboard005-storyboard

Captain Adorable loved hanging out with his friend N. They are pretending that N is the President of the United States and Captain Adorable is the best warrior, but the worst talker. All he says is “No sir, no sir.”


This is Captain Adorable’s tiny secret gun.


Look at those pretty rays! Captain Adorable loved camping so much because he was playing with friends from sun up to sun down!


The girls made friends with some of my friend’s sons. They did more chatting and playing board games than they have in the past.


One of their favorite games to play was Love Letter. Baby Dragon brought a little stuffed lion and he held court over the game. We also brought bikes and the kids would ride their bikes to the bathroom or the park. Baby Dragon would sometimes put her lion on her handlebars like she was giving him a ride.


Look at how much fun they are having! Baby Dragon asked me to give her a Rei hairstyle (from the new Star Wars). She kept it the whole camping trip and she loved it.


They would play for hours and at night they pulled a lantern out and kept playing. Sweetie would divide her time between board games like Uno and Telestrations and pretend games with the younger set.


One of our friends brought these cool sling shot helicopters. They glow in the dark and that is when Captain Adorable liked playing with them the most because they were like falling stars drifting down for him to catch. I enjoyed a little stargazing myself, the nights were clear so we could see so many!


Captain Adorable said that one of the things he loves about camping is the food. I over plan for meals and usually have plenty to eat. Maybe I should do more of that when we are at home…


Captain Adorable catches a falling helicopter. There was a girl in a nearby campground who offered to color all the kids air with special hair chalk. I was happy my kids came and asked permission first. They loved it.


Captain Adorable liked doing some old fashioned swinging.


And he loved jumping out of the swing with all sorts of theatrics.


One of the camping days we took a little trip to the beach. It was fairly chilly so we didn’t stay very long. I bought a Bocci ball set and they enjoyed throwing those.


It was very entertaining to watch Baby Dragon flirting with this boy. He is about three years older than her. They spent most of their time together, playing games and talking. It was all very innocent. We have reached the age where we have to start keeping an eagle eye on boy/girl interactions! I think this may be exhausting.


I took the kids to the Tillamook Cheese Factory for ice cream. And then when we got back to the campsite, Handsome Husband arrived. He only got to camp one evening with us. We went to play in the river.


Handsome Husband showed the kids how to go on the rope swing.


Captain Adorable investigates in the water.


I love this picture of Handsome Husband and Sweetie. Sweetie adores her daddy. And there is Baby Dragon chasing a boy.


Captain Adorable explores the river.


Of course, there is some rock throwing.


My cute boy!


I was so impressed with Sweetie and her bravery! She wanted to try the rope swing and you can see just how terrified she is.


But she sucked it up and she jumped!


But, she says her foot slipped and when she let go… she ended up hitting the water face first! Not her favorite experience. But she was so brave!


Captain Adorable climbed up to try the rope swing like his sister.


But he decided that he would rather jump from a lower point.


Handsome Husband is at it again.


These are my good friends M and A. We shared our fire with them and helped each other set up camp since we were all single moms when we arrived. We played games and chatted while we washed dishes and kept our camps running.


I love these ladies and the memories we made together!


It was such a fun camping trip, so worthwhile to get out into nature and be with friends!



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