Total Solar Eclipse

It seemed like the whole world was buzzing about the total solar eclipse. We live in an area with 99.6% coverage and I planned to watch the eclipse with my kids in our backyard. We had the special glasses and everything. I remember “seeing” a partial eclipse in grade school by looking at the shadow cast by a pinhole in an index card, so I knew this would be memorable for them. I was invited to go to my sister-in-law’s house which was in the “path of totality” and only an hour away. The more I researched it, the more I wanted to go! But, then I also heard that the traffic was going to be horrendous and that I would need to sleep over. I ended up going to my mother-in-law’s house which was also in the path of totality but it had empty beds and we were used to sleeping over there. One of my sisters-in-law came up for the eclipse as well. It was a party.


As we started watching the eclipse and it was got. I started to wonder if we would get sunburned while watching the sun for the next two hours, so I put sunscreen on our faces.


One of the ways to enjoy the eclipse is to try to see the shadow of the eclipse through things with small holes. At first it was hard to see any difference.


It was pretty awesome to watch the sun slowly get covered by the moon.


We tried to see the shape of the eclipse through the Ritz cracker holes.


Now you can see it!


It was so fascinating to see the shadows through the leaves. Look at all those little eclipses!


Aunt L caught some in her cup!


They are coming from the light through the holes in her hat.


Look at the eclipse through the colander.


This was such a fun experience seeing all the changes around us.


You can see the eclipse on Aunt L’s shoulder.


Look, you can see how the light is changing as the sun is getting covered.


The eclipse is becoming thinner and thinner.


Aunt L’s hat was the best! She was happily surprised with the effect and she was so glad she wore it.


The shadows of our hands started to look so weird! You can see the shape of the eclipse between the fingers!


It was no longer hot at this point. What started as 80 degrees turned to at least 70 degrees!


As soon as the moon covered the sun, we took our glasses off and it was AMAZING!!! We would NOT have seen that corona had we stayed at home with 99.6% coverage.


It looked like a hole in the sky! It was SO beautiful and it only lasted two minutes. It was unearthly.

037-storyboardThis is a better representation of the color of the sky, but the picture above is a better view of the corona. So, imagine the sky more blue with a ¬†clearer, white corona. I didn’t have the right equipment to capture it. I liked the 3 flares, that isn’t a trick of the camera, you could see the three prongs flaring like that.

All around it looked like a sunset. In fact, it felt like I was wearing sunglasses, that was how dim it felt.


Here is the difference in light during the eclipse and after.


Even thought the actual total eclipse only lasted a couple of minutes, it was WORTH the hassle of spending the night and taking double the time to drive home. It was such a memorable experience. Handsome Husband was bummed that he couldn’t come since he had to work. He stepped out and used his glasses to see it become a sliver, but he didn’t get to see the corona. It made me want to go and see the next one in seven years!


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