July iPhone Pics

Captain Adorable celebrates the 4th with fire and lights.


Handsome Husband and I.


I made sure to take the kids blueberry picking this year. Baby Dragon didn’t want to give up her hoodie, even though it was MUCH too hot for it.


The kids wanted to spend a little time in the play area. Baby Dragon finally took off her sweater.


This is my favorite rose color from my front yard.


Captain Adorable shows off his latest Lego creation.


Baby Dragon heads off to her first year of girl’s camp!


While she was gone I took Sweetie and Captain Adorable to the Chick Fil A Cow Appreciation day (free food for those dressed like cows) and to Free Slurpee day at 7 Eleven.


I went to Girl’s Camp on Leader Day and so I took pictures of Baby Dragon’s cabin.


She wanted me to get a picture of this creek just down the hill from her cabin.


During meals, the girls sing (shout) and make all sorts of noise. It was fun seeing Baby Dragon getting into the spirit of things.

020-storyboardThis was Baby Dragon’s FAVORITE part of Girl’s Camp. She enjoyed spending all of her free time on the pond, catching as many newts as possible. She called it “Newting.” She would ceremoniously release the newts when she was done with them, being very gentle and aware of their safety.

This is the fishing lake, so pretty!


These are some of the flags for the different groups. Baby Dragon’s group was themed after Brave, the Disney movie.

025-storyboardAll the girls signed this big sign, pledging to read the Book of Mormon every day.

Our ward’s color was green, so we had green bandanas.


Behind Baby Dragon you can see lots of yarn wigs. One of the service projects was to make princess wigs for child cancer patients. It was a fun project. I helped to make a Belle wig and so did Baby Dragon.


While Baby Dragon finished girl’s camp, I took Sweetie and Captain Adorable to the Zoo with Gabby and Rylan. Jeana is selling her house and moving to Washington to be closer to her husband’s job. So I took her kids off her hands so she could prepare her house. Her older boys were at camps like Baby Dragon.


Captain Adorable brought me the sweetest little flowers. We went to help Jeana’s family move into their new home. It is about an hour away from us. Rylan and Captain Adorable played in their new toy room.


One hot Sunday, I laid in the shade of our backyard with the kids.


We also escaped the heat at the pool.


I took the kids to the park to take advantage of the free summer lunch program. Baby Dragon had me take a picture to prove to Handsome Husband that she DOES eat bananas. So does Sweetie.


Captain Adorable likes to play on the old trees at the park.


The kids liked to pretend they are buying and selling food (bark chips) at this Farmer’s Market window.


On our way to the Gorge, the view of downtown Portland and Mount Hood was lovely.


We made it to Punch Bowl Falls!


Handsome Husband brought me some Just Because flowers! The BEST kind!


I ordered Baby Dragon a Star Wars Rey costume for our trip to Disneyland… in December… Yes, I am excited.


Another trip to the pool!


Baby Dragon with the Beehives and MiaMaids on a little hike.


A crab at the beach. Captain Adorable was invited to a Harry Potter birthday party. He had SO much fun!


One night, while Captain Adorable was trying to avoid bed, he came to my room and offered to brush my hair while I listened to my book. So, I let him. He brushed my hair for a good 15 minutes. He said when he grows up he will open a place just for brushing hair and that he will reserve a parking spot just for me. So thoughtful.


To try and help Captain Adorable deal with boredom, I made him some homemade playdoh. The hope was that he would be entertained on his own. But, he decided to create a two player game. He made balls of the playdoh and set up forts and challenged me to a playdoh ball war. Sooooooo… we had a fun time throwing balls at each other. The goal was to knock each other’s thing off the stool.



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