June iPhone Pics

Sweetie and Cousin J love playing together at Grandma L’s house. And I enjoy getting my house all decorated.


Baby Dragon got to be part of a surprise going away party for one of the girls in our ward. The party was only supposed to be a few hours, but she called and asked if she could go swimming. I picked her up and after changing into her swimsuit, a friend came and took her and she swam with her friends for a couple of hours. Then they went to hang out at another friend’s house! It was a long time for her to be away, but it reminded me of my time in the youth. We used to hang out and have fun and I was so excited for her to have similar experiences. I am hoping to help these get togethers happen monthly, just not all day. It really helps the youth bond and be unified.


Handsome Husband conquered the stump! He taught Captain Adorable how to swing an axe on that stump! Look at my pretty white flowers! I love our backyard.


Handsome Husband and I were getting ready to go to the temple and we came downstairs to see the kids all dressed up! Baby Dragon rarely does cute things like this anymore, so I was happy to get a picture. She was dressing up like a man going to work. Captain Adorable has my selfie stick in his hand, I think he is being a tourist. Sweetie is being a princess. And I took a picture of Captain Adorable’s first tithing slip. He is turning in tithing for all the money he earned at Grandpa J’s house and for not watching TV.


Swimming! And a special Family Home Evening lesson with Daddy.


Captain Adorable’s big motivator for earning money was going to Chuck E Cheese so he could play the games and earn tickets. But when he found out that it was cheaper to go to Safari Sam’s he was very excited. He had it all planned out that we would go to Safari Sam’s, but I had to let him know that it would only happen on a day that would work for me. This day was perfect because Baby Dragon was invited to a birthday party and she wouldn’t have had as much fun at Safari Sam’s. We also had a free pass to Safari Sam’s from Sweetie’s birthday, so I didn’t have to pay anything for Sweetie or Captain Adorable to go there. So after dropping Baby Dragon off I took the two younger kids to play. The first thing Captain Adorable chose to get with his tickets was this Best Friends necklace for him and me. Isn’t that the sweetest thing ever? He used the rest of his tickets to get candy, like that gummy hamburger.


We went to Subway for lunch. Captain Adorable likes to keep those wrist bands on for a while since it shows that he went to a cool place.


Every year we celebrate Father’s Day all week long. We call it Daddy Days and we give Handsome Husband a gift every day along with a notecard with messages from all of us. Here are the line up of gifts. The kids helped me decide what order to give them in. This year I had a theme every day for the notes. So one day they were supposed to write their favorite thing to do with him, the next day the theme was about what makes him laugh, a favorite memory, etc. He really enjoyed those notes and it was easier for the kids to think of things to write every day.


We went to the Family Fun Center, finally, to celebrate Handsome Husband’s new job. Everyone had a great time! The kids loved the cars.


And the high ropes course.


I went up there as well.


They liked the batting cages. I think Handsome Husband liked this part the most.


The bumper boats were a big hit, especially for Baby Dragon.


Captain Adorable didn’t like when people squirted him.


We had fun with the miniature golf course. It is a very nice one.


Sweetie wasn’t feeling well this day, so she stayed home while I took the other two strawberry picking. We had to make sure to get some berries before the season ended. Jeana and Rylan came along.


Jeana’s other kids were still in school. I love that our school ends before Memorial Day and we can enjoy a longer summer!


Captain Adorable was a very good berry picker.


He and Rylan enjoyed picking and chatting and pulling the wagon.


Here are some cute SnapChat pictures.


Happy Father’s Day! He got blueberry pancakes with fresh Oregon strawberries for his breakfast in bed. We gave Handsome Husband a ShopVac as for his big gift. He was pretty happy with it.


Captain Adorable and Sweetie sang I’m So Glad When Daddy Comes Home at church.


In preparation for our trip, I gave the kids these kitty headphones. They loved them. Baby Dragon has black ones with blue ears.


Captain Adorable drew President Trump for this game. Here is a picture of Handsome Husband and I with ice cream in the Yukon.


And just a couple more Alaska pictures! We had such a great month!



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