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September iPhone Pics

While we were visiting Handsome Husband’s parents’ house we saw this huge, beautiful rainbow. At ourView full post »


This year I am teaching English for two hours to Captain Adorable’s 2nd grade class.  I am also co-teachingView full post »

Cape Lookout

We drove out to the beach to show the Redhead the coast. We went to Cape Lookout, we’d never been there sinceView full post »

The Redhead

We really enjoyed getting to spend time with the Redhead and Ruthann. Baby Dragon sometimes took the Redhead out to theView full post »

Splash Pad

We took the Redhead to this cute little splash pad. She just LOVES water. Baby Dragon is honing her baby sittingView full post »

Frozen Yogurt

While Ruthann and the Redhead were here, we took them for a tasty treat. She is so darling and happy. Playing peek aView full post »

Portland Chinese Gardens

Years ago when I started blogging, I found some fellow bloggers online and followed their blogs. As I followed theirView full post »

A Park and a Baby

My sister Ruthann came to visit and she brought the Redhead with her! We went to a park and the Redhead wanted to petView full post »

Devil’s Churn

Our last stop before saying goodbye to T and family was at Devil’s Churn. It was a favorite spot that HandsomeView full post »

Thor’s Well

This is one of my favorite gems of the Oregon Coast. It was also one of the top things to see on T’s list. It isView full post »

Heceta Head Lighthouse

Our next stop was the Heceta Head Lighthouse. I love that bridge. The kids pretended to “work” on the log.View full post »

Boiler Bay

We went to try and see some whales at Boiler Bay. T is teaching her boy E early to use the camera. J was channelingView full post »

Voodoo Donuts

I told my friend T that they had to try Voodoo Donuts while in Portland. These donuts are famous and we were lucky thatView full post »

Columbia River Gorge

My very best friend from childhood, T, came to visit all the way from the Bahamas. Her number one request of places sheView full post »

Homework and Ice Cream

Look at those little school kids, cracking away at homework already. So studious. The kids were very excited whenView full post »

1st Day of School

Another school year begins. Baby Dragon is in sixth grade this year! I can’t believe she is growing up so fast.View full post »

Labor Day

We went down to Handsome Husband’s parents’ house for the labor day weekend. Grandpa J just had his frontView full post »

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