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September iPhone

This is my first batch of homemade canned salsa. And Handsome Husband and I went to the temple together. I have beenView full post »

Back at the Beach

The girls wanted the option of getting back in the water the next day at the beach. I didn’t want them to getView full post »

Exploring Fort Stevens

We took the kids to see the actual Fort Stevens site. This is the only part of the U.S. mainland that was attackedView full post »

Shipwreck Beach

This is the shipwreck of the Peter Iredale ship. The ship wrecked in 1906 and became embedded in the sand. It was soldView full post »

Camping at Fort Stevens

This year our family reunion with Handsome Husband’s side was at Fort Stevens in northwest Oregon. We camped forView full post »

Two Wheels

Captain Adorable has been leaning on his training wheels for too long. You can tell by watching him ride his bike thatView full post »


I signed Captain Adorable up for soccer and he LOVED it. Isn’t he the cutest soccer player? Goal for the blackView full post »

1st Day of School 2015

Starting a new school year! Baby Dragon is a 5th grader this year! She’s getting so big. Sweetie is in 3rdView full post »

Happy 89th!

We went to celebrate Great Grandpa D’s 89th birthday!  Great Grandpa D recently moved from California to beView full post »

Daddy Daughter

Technically, this was a ward daddy daughter event. But they asked me to take pictures, so Captain Adorable cameView full post »

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