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June iPhone Pics

This month I discovered that Coke know how to spell my name correctly. Captain Adorable had a map club and he let me beView full post »

D River Beach

We went with cousins to D River Beach. But first, we stopped at Mo’s for some tasty seafood. Uncle M was in townView full post »

Grandma L’s

We spent the weekend with family. Baby Dragon and her cousin M are only three months apart. They call themselvesView full post »

Great Grandma J’s Funeral

Handsome Husband’s Grandma J passed away this month. We were sad, but also happy for her to be with her husbandView full post »

M.A.D. Camp

I put the girls in Music Art Drama Camp. They LOVED it! The theme was circus. Sweetie was a monkey and Baby Dragon wasView full post »


I found a frog in the backyard one night. Captain Adorable happened to be out of bed, so I showed him and he caughtView full post »

Baby Holiday

One of my little sisters flew me down to Arizona for a few days to take pictures of her gorgeous new baby girl! TheView full post »

What the kids think about Mom

1. What is something mom always says to you? Baby Dragon, Sweetie, Captain Adorable- “I love you” 2. WhatView full post »

Water in the Park

Grandma J and Grandpa R took us to McDonald’s for some tasty lunch. Then we explored a new park withView full post »

DQ, Pedicures, OMSI

Whenever my parents come to visit, my dad always insists on taking the kids to DQ. It has become a little tradition. WeView full post »

Legos and Fire

Grandma J and Grandpa R love to give gifts to the kids. Sweetie calls them the Spoiling Grandma and Grandpa. This timeView full post »

River Fun

Grandma J and Grandpa R came for a visit and we had to take them to the Wilson River. We found a new favorite spot.View full post »

Captain Adorable’s Last Day of Kindergarten

I was probably just as excited for Captain Adorable to be done with kindergarten as he was. I’m so glad the dropView full post »


We got started on our yard design with the trampoline. We had ordered a 15 foot diameter trampoline and we wanted theView full post »

Dress Up

I love it when the kids come downstairs all dressed up! Sweetie loves her Princess Aurora costume and Captain AdorableView full post »

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