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April iPhone

A lot of fooling happened at our house on April Fool’s Day. The girls drew a mustache on Captain Adorable whileView full post »

Career Day

We had very fun career day at the girls’ school. Sweetie was a veterinarian. Baby Dragon was a cat photographerView full post »


Sweetie and Captain Adorable love to play LIFE. They will spend large chunks of time giggling in Sweetie’s roomView full post »

Yard Work

I looked out my window and saw these two cuties in the yard debris bin. They were helping Handsome Husband get theView full post »

Kat’s Kitchen

Handsome Husband found us a new friend. One of his coworkers has a girlfriend who is a personal chef. Kat offersView full post »

Wax Museum

We had an excellent event for the girls’ school. It was a wax museum and all the kids dressed up like anView full post »

At the Park

We had a bout of beautiful weather and headed out to the park. We met up with Jeana and her kids. Landon and SweetieView full post »

Bus Stop and Pick Up

I decided I needed to document our school drop off/pick up routine. It’s just such a sweet part of my day. ThereView full post »


Easter was nice and quiet. Captain Adorable calls it the REAL Easter, since we do all the egg and bunny stuff theView full post »

Easter Egg Hunt

We went over to our cousins’ house for a fun Easter Egg hunt. Since Captain Adorable was one of the youngerView full post »


While at Grandma L and Grandpa J’s house, the kids found a snake! I believe it is a rubber snake. They playedView full post »

Decorating Easter Eggs

We brought all our egg decorating things to Grandma’s house. It kept the kids busy in between General ConferenceView full post »

Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny came to Grandma L and Grandpa J’s house this year. Baby Dragon found her basket rightView full post »

Twin Day

The girls dressed alike for twin day. I thought it was so great that as sisters, they got dressed up together. It wasView full post »

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