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August iPhone Pics

Here are the finished floors. The house got painted! It only took a month for the painters to come and do it. TheyView full post »

Undead Party

We went to Grandma L and Grandpa J’s house for labor day weekend. The kids love to play with all the toys in theView full post »

Sweetie Project Runway

The girls got into all my scrap material. Pretty sure Baby Dragon designed this get up for Sweetie to model. I think myView full post »

Karate Ends

By the time we took the kids to their last karate class, they were ready to be done. Sweetie didn’t like whenView full post »

17 Years Later

Handsome Husband and I met on August 24, 1997. This is the result of that fateful day, seventeen yearsView full post »

At the Home and at the Park

This is how the magic happens. While I edit pictures I’m either listening to a book on tape or I’m watchingView full post »

Beach Time

My aunt came in town with her family and Baby Dragon really hit it off with my cousin A who is just a few months olderView full post »

A Walk in the Park

My dad wanted to do something nice for me, so he replaced a broken light switch that I have wanted to have fixed forView full post »

Captain A. Potter

I think Captain Adorable would make a great Harry Potter. He loves to dress up. He earned that snitch pocket watch byView full post »

Chuck E Cheese

Captain Adorable was pretty adamant that he wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese for his birthday. And he had a great time.View full post »

Captain Adorable’s 5th Birthday

We found the perfect ice-cream cake for Captain Adorable’s birthday.  He was way excited when he saw it. We wereView full post »

Children’s Museum Party

We had a pretty full day planned for Captain Adorable’s 5th birthday. First we took the kids to the PortlandView full post »

How Are Them Cookies?

My mom wanted to bake cookies with the kids. Captain Adorable liked licking the beater. Captain Adorable apparentlyView full post »

Build a Turtle, Cat and Pony

My mom and dad love to take the kids to Build A Bear. Captain Adorable was SO excited to find his favorite Ninja TurtleView full post »

Picking Blackberries

We took my parents blackberry picking, to help my mom relive her childhood. Baby Dragon brought along a stuffed animalView full post »


My parents brought new paints for the kids. They were super entertained.View full post »


My parents brought the kids a frog puzzle to put together with them. My dad likes frogs. Pretty much everyone gotView full post »

Great Grandparents

We went to visit my grandparents while my parents were in town. I love these pictures of my grandma and grandpa. LookView full post »

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