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July iPhone Pics

This month has been full of home improvement and vacations. We bought a new fridge because our old one was fallingView full post »

Floors Finished!

Here are some before and afters. The first picture is what the kitchen looked like when we moved in, ivy stencil andView full post »

Makeshift Stage

While I was laying the vinyl tile in sections, the kids used the parts I’d already laid as a makeshift stage.View full post »

Visiting Great Grandma J

We went over to see Great Grandma J at her house. The kids loved her cat. Handsome Husband and Captain Adorable areView full post »

Grandma’s House

Bubbles on Grandma L’s deck. And toe nail clipping too. Why not? We hung out with cousins. And CaptainView full post »

Family Reunion

This year our extended family reunion on Handsome Husband’s side was held at a great park. Grandma L broughtView full post »

Laying Floor

We have had a bit of a snag arise in regards to our new floors. We wanted to replace the kitchen, family room, halfView full post »

Karate Begins

Handsome Husband found a great deal on Groupon that got the kids all a karate uniform and 6 weeks of karate lessons. OfView full post »

Talent Show

Camp Dakota has a little stage, so we decided to have a family talent show before we headed home. The kids wereView full post »

Butte Creek Falls

We drove over to Butte Creek Falls, which is pretty close to Camp Dakota. We had to drive over some gravel and dirtView full post »

Camp Dakota

While camping in our yurt at Camp Dakota, we enjoyed the other activities that they offered. The kids loved panning forView full post »

Camping in a Yurt

Before we sold our house, we had a family vacation scheduled for this weekend. We really wanted to bring our kids toView full post »

The Gorge

I took Stefanie and Adam through the Columbia River Gorge to hike up Multnomah Falls. Before we got to the falls weView full post »

Going Coastal

After church, we took a little trip to the beach. Handsome Husband dug a pit for the kids to play in. It was pleasantView full post »

Japanese Gardens

We got to play tourists with Adam and Stefanie. We hadn’t ever been to the Japanese Gardens, so it was a newView full post »


It was a beautiful, HOT day for downtown Portland. Even the Adam and Stefanie were sweating and they are visiting fromView full post »

Celebrating Open Adoption

The main reason why Stefanie and Adam were visiting was for the opportunity to meet up with Stefanie’sView full post »

4th of July

My beautiful girls were dressed to impress this Independence Day. They stayed up a little late the night beforeView full post »

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