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June iPhone Pics

A little after we moved in to our new place, Baby Dragon decided to write her testimony and give it to a boy in herView full post »

Oregon End of Trail Museum

Knowing that Ross enjoys history and hearing that this museum was worth it, we took Ruthann and Ross to the Oregon EndView full post »


We took Ruthann and Ross over to visit Abra. She took us over to her neighbor’s house to see the baby goats thatView full post »

River Campfire

We brought Ruthann and Ross to the Wilson river by Jones Creek. It was a nice warm day, but it was pretty cold by theView full post »

Hammock Time

Baby Dragon would not stop pestering Ruthann to come and join her for a swing in the hammock. Ruthann humored her. AllView full post »

Mirror Lake

We wanted to take Ruthann and Ross on a hike that they hadn’t been on. We hiked Multnomah Falls with them lastView full post »


A friend of mine came to visit and she pointed out that those trees in our backyard are the perfect distance apart forView full post »

Party at Baby Dragon’s

Baby Dragon loves to entertain. She taped some pipe cleaners to her wall for decorations and “hosted” herView full post »

Water 4 Sale

Baby Dragon doesn’t have a problem finding creative ways to entertain herself. As I have mentioned, she lovesView full post »

Last Day of School

We are all celebrating the girls’ last day of school because for the past month, we’ve been driving themView full post »


When we moved in there was a small dirt patch framed with wood, shaped like Utah, right in the middle of our side yard.View full post »

Snow White Ballet

Sweetie was very excited for her dance recital. Here she is backstage, warming up. I took these pictures at the dressView full post »

Breakfast Boys

I couldn’t resist snagging a picture of this little moment. I love Captain Adorable’s bedhead.View full post »

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