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April iPhone Pics

Sometimes I find really great presents on my iPhone. When we went to Handsome Husband’s parents’ house,View full post »

Bumble. Bee.

Are you ready for some serious bumblebee-ness? Sweetie loves her ballet costume. She is very excited: Sweetie’sView full post »

Great Grandpa D

We got a special visit from Handsome Husband’s Grandpa D. He told us some stories from his life. He says he likesView full post »

Ward Easter Egg Hunt

We are true Oregonians. We participated in a rainy Easter Egg hunt. I thought it was appropriate that our last WardView full post »

Home Easter Egg Hunt

We love having our family Easter Egg Hunt. Such a fun tradition. Probably one of my least favorite things to takeView full post »

Reading to My Boy

After decorating eggs, Captain Adorable wanted me to read him a book. I read him a book almost every night. He likesView full post »

Easter Egg Decorating

This year we didn’t have to buy anything to decorate our eggs with, because we had a bunch of kits that I hadView full post »

Sunday Afternoon

My friend A suggested that we take our families back to George Rogers Park after church for a picnic dinner. The kidsView full post »

George Rogers Park

A friend of mine asked me to take pictures for her sister’s wedding. Her sister wanted pictures at both theView full post »


We went to watch General Conference at Handsome Husband’s parents’ house. Grandma L and Grandpa J are inView full post »

New House!!!

It is OFFICIAL! The day after we flew into Arizona on our vacation we received an offer on our house.  I can’tView full post »

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