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Powerful Waves

We had planned to go boating, but due to a boating malfunction, we headed to the beach. We’d had so much fun atView full post »


I got some cute pictures of Captain Adorable playing with his Cousin I with an old school game atView full post »

Beach Time

Part of our reunion with Handsome Husband’s family included a trip to the Oregon Coast.  Sweetie took advantageView full post »


Cousin S found a gardener snake in Grandpa J’s garden! The kids all took a turn holding the snake. The snakeView full post »

Memorial Garden Dedicated

Handsome Husband’s parents built a beautiful quiet area on their property to remember the babies that were lostView full post »

Family Reunion

Captain Adorable loves playing with boys.  He calls them all “my friends.”  He and a couple of his olderView full post »


After the treasure hunt, the boys adjourned to play some volleyball.  I could have joined in if I had wanted to, but IView full post »

The Hunt

After family pictures, Handsome Husband’s dad sent us all on a scavenger hunt. At one point we all had to reciteView full post »

Family Pictures

We had a family reunion with Handsome Husband’s family and his parents hired a photographer for a big groupView full post »

Sweetie at 6

I realized that I still haven’t done a post all about Sweetie!  She’s 6 and a half now, so it’s aboutView full post »

A Tradition

Every time we go to Utah, the kids insist on going to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point.  They just love it.View full post »

The Rolling Hills

Every kid needs to roll down a good hill or two when they are little. Of course, with grass hill rolling comes grassView full post »

Playing at Grandma’s

Grandma and Grandpa had to go to work for a bit while we were visiting.  The kids kept themselves entertained.  KatieView full post »


One of the kids’ major requests while we were in Utah was going to the bouncy place.  They love all theView full post »


We met up with Ruthann and Ross in Provo at the Riverwoods to let the kids play at the splash pad. Captain AdorableView full post »

Temple Square

We made it safely to Utah.  The kids were great for the trip.  I made them each a travel binder with stickers, coloringView full post »

Last Day of School

Today is the last day of school.  Here is Katie with her first day and last day pics: It looks like she has gotten aView full post »

Sweetie the Graduate

Sweetie graduated from kindergarten.  I love to do things that make her feel special because she’s the 2nd childView full post »

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