Monthly Archives: April 2013

April iPhone Pics

Captain Adorable fell asleep over his toy box.  He had had an accident… I have a similar picture of Katie whoView full post »

Birthday Celebration

We went to surprise Papa J for his 70th birthday. Papa J was very happy to be surprised. All of us siblings pooledView full post »

Outside with the Boy

I LOVE MY BOY. Captain Adorable loves to be funny and silly.  He is always making faces. Captain Adorable likes hisView full post »

Beautiful Day

We have had a BEAUTIFUL spring. The kids’ favorite thing to do is play in the “front yard” or reallyView full post »

33 in 2013

Today was Handsome Husband’s birthday.  Captain Adorable and I met up for lunch with him and his coworkers at RedView full post »

Racy Date

Handsome Husband and Fernando decided that we needed a double date to a raceway.  Jeana and I ended up standing in lineView full post »


For conference weekend we stayed at home and listened to conference on the iPad.  Handsome Husband brought out a coupleView full post »

Bouncy Playdate

Captain Adorable and I went to a bouncy play house with Jeana and Gabby. This slide was Captain Adorable’sView full post »

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