Monthly Archives: February 2013

The Happy Hand Hotel

This box has brought hours of happiness to my children.  Katie named it “The Happy Hand Hotel.”  In theseView full post »

LICE! (and trains)

I cut Captain Adorable’s hair and he liked how the shorter hairs felt. Unfortunately, I cut his hair because theView full post »

Valentine’s Overnight

My mom sent the kids a Valentine’s Day package with lots of goodies. Valentine’s Day from Erika BlanchardView full post »

February iPhone Pics

Here’s Captain Adorable at the baby book club eating a chocolate covered frozen banana.  And this green pictureView full post »

Super Captain Adorable

Captain Adorable loves superheroes.  He loves this cape and mask that I bought him and for weeks he put it on every dayView full post »

The Baby Dragon

When Katie was three she insisted that I call her Baby Dragon.  That used to be her blog name.  Now Baby Dragon has aView full post »

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