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Silly Girls

The girls came downstairs dressed up cute.  Sweetie hardly ever dresses herself up, it is always Katie’s idea.View full post »

Crater Lake

Handsome Husband has been wanting to show me Crater Lake ever since we moved to Oregon 6 1/2 years ago.  It finallyView full post »


By far the kids’ FAVORITE part of our vacation was swimming in the pool.  We swam in it all three nights that weView full post »

Umpqua National Forest Park

The first night of our trip to Roseburg we were invited to dinner at one of Handsome Husband’s coworker’sView full post »

Wildlife Safari

While we were in Roseburg we went to see the Wildlife Safari.  Handsome Husband was working, so it was just the kidsView full post »

Memorial Garden

We took a mini vacation down to Roseburg where Handsome Husband did some work and the kids and I played around.  On theView full post »


Katie says if you use your imagination you can see a heart where her teeth used to be. Katie lost her 2nd front tooth.View full post »

Strawberry Picking

One of my favorite parts of summer in the northwest is berry picking.  We went to one of my favorite u-pick placesView full post »

Father’s Day 2012

We celebrated Father’s Day with Jeana’s family after church.  Handsome Husband looks particularly nice inView full post »

Little Pool

Handsome Husband bought the kids this little pool for our backyard and they had an excellent time playing in it.  TheyView full post »

Captain Adorable

Captain Adorable has become fond of posing for the camera, so he was happy to oblige while I messed around with myView full post »

Park and Edge 80

I bought a new lens for my camera.  It is a Lensbaby Composer Pro (I got a great deal, too!).  I used the Edge 80 opticView full post »

Katie’s Last Day of 1st Grade

Here are Katie’s first and last day school photos. Notice that cute gap in her front teeth.  Her tooth finallyView full post »


One present that Captain Adorable received from Grandma J and Papa R was a new foam sword.  We had given him a foamView full post »

Grandma J and Papa R

My mom and dad seemed to really enjoy watching my kids for the week that we were gone to Hawaii.  In fact, I called aView full post »


Captain Adorable was so funny about his ukulele.  He calls it his ‘itar (guitar).  We had no idea that it wouldView full post »

Katie as Hillbilly Kate

Katie’s front tooth is loose and she has been having a lot of fun with it. She looks so funny with her one toothView full post »

Temple and Open House

The day after we got back from Hawaii was a busy one.  My aunt J had gotten married a month or so ago and she was inView full post »

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