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Farm Country

The last fun thing that we did while visiting Grandma and Grandpa was a trip to Farm Country at ThanksgivingView full post »

Cafe Rio

We love eating at Cafe Rio when we visit Utah.  SUCH YUMMY FOOD!  They give free kids’ quesadillas to kids underView full post »

Dinosaur Museum

Grandma J loves taking the kids to the Dinosaur Museum when we visit, the kids love it too.  We brought Cousin S andView full post »

Hair and Books

My little niece S asks me to do her hair like I used to do Katie’s before I cut it.  So I had her look at aView full post »

Fun with Cousins

The girls had a great time with their cousin S.  S is the same age as Sweetie, but she spent a lot of time playing withView full post »

The Draper Temple

The main reason that we went to Utah was for Stefanie and Tayler’s temple sealing.  They were married a year agoView full post »

Sisters’ Night

We were in town to help celebrate my sister Stefanie’s birth daughter’s 2nd birthday.  You can read aboutView full post »

Bedtime Story with Grandma

We made the 14 hour drive to Utah to visit my family for my sister’s sealing.  The kids did so well on the rideView full post »


One of the must-do items when we are in Utah is a visit to BYU campus.  First we met up with my dad at a barber shopView full post »

Just Two

It’s been pretty nice only having Captain Adorable three mornings out of the week.  He always asks for his shoesView full post »

Day of Service

This year marks 75 years since our church founded its Welfare Program.  So in commemoration of that the whole churchView full post »


When I was getting Katie ready for school one morning, Captain Adorable wanted shoes on as well.  He found some bigView full post »

Mischief and Maid

Captain Adorable gets destructive when he’s tired, so right before his nap he found this straw holder and made aView full post »

At Home

We found Captain Adorable and Gabby sitting on Sweetie’s bed, flipping through books together.  It was just tooView full post »


Handsome Husband signed the girls up for a casual soccer league.  He has been wanting to get the girls into sports everView full post »

Playing Piano

The other day I decided to play the piano with the kids.  I had Handsome Husband set up my computer so I have a timeView full post »


On the first day of Sweetie’s preschool I took Captain Adorable to the little park by our house for someView full post »

The First Day of School

Here is my little first grader.  Katie has been looking forward to being a first grader ALL SUMMER LONG. She was soView full post »

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