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Jingle Babies

Captain Adorable and Sweetie were being so CUTE running around Grandma and Grandpa’s in some Santa hats.  I madeView full post »

Play Ball

While visiting Handsome Husband’s parents, Handsome Husband called me to come outside and take some pictures ofView full post »

Christmas Morning

On Christmas morning the girls snuck downstairs to see what Santa brought.  We heard them a little too late and theyView full post »

Christmas Nativity

We celebrated Christmas Eve at my Grandma’s house.  I was not quite myself since I was pregnant and I’dView full post »

Katie’s 7th Birthday

It’s hard to believe that Katie is SEVEN YEARS OLD already!  We took her to Chuck E Cheese for a birthday party.View full post »

Sweetie’s Christmas Program

At Sweetie’s Preschool Christmas Program Sweetie was an angel. She just loved all the attention, but isn’tView full post »


***** UPDATE: On January 12, 2012 the baby’s heartbeat couldn’t be found.  The baby died.  We pray for aView full post »

Handsome Husband’s Concert

Handsome Husband has been participating in a couple of community orchestras for the past little bit.  I am really proudView full post »

Captain Adorable’s Faces

After church Captain Adorable ate a piece of toast with Nutella.  He ended up with a Nutella goatee. I don’tView full post »

Trimming the Tree

We like to get the house decorated for Christmas fairly soon after Thanksgiving.  The kids liked playing in the treeView full post »

In Her Own World

Sweetie LOVES to pretend with her toys.  Notice that they are almost all exclusively horses.  She will make her littleView full post »

Grandma J

Since my parents stayed at my grandparents house for their visit, I didn’t feel like I got to see much of them.View full post »


We celebrated Thanksgiving with my side of the family the year at my Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  Ruthann is soView full post »

Auntie Ruth

Ruthann loves the kids.  She is a natural with them.  She let the girls play with her hair and they were superView full post »

Aunt Wars

Aunt Ruthann flew in for Thanksgiving as well.  She loves playing with the kids.  She had a great time with Katie: WeView full post »

Grandpa R and Grandma J Visit

This is the first time Grandpa R has been able to visit our house.  He and my mom came in town for Thanksgiving.  TheyView full post »

Sweetie’s Preschool Thanksgiving Program

We are paying for Sweetie to be in a formal preschool this year.  I didn’t want to do another mommy preschoolView full post »


The Youngest came to visit for Thanksgiving. She gave Sweetie a complete makeover with all her makeup. Sweetie LOVEDView full post »

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