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September iPhone Pics

Our pretty Multnomah Falls! After years of serving in the Young Women organization at church, I finally earned theView full post »

1st Day of School 2017

Grandma J and Grandpa R left too soon! It was a short trip over Labor Day weekend, but they are coming back forView full post »

July iPhone Pics

Captain Adorable celebrates the 4th with fire and lights. Handsome Husband and I. I made sure to take the kidsView full post »

Kids in Utah

My kids were very well cared for while they visited my parents in Utah. They took them to all sorts of museums and funView full post »

Last Day of School!

We have reached the end of the school year! I am just as excited as the kids! Since I am teaching, I love the days ofView full post »

The Cat

We have had our cat for almost four years. She is very fat. She has been on a diet for over a year and hasn’tView full post »

April iPhone Pics

While we were at Handsome Husband’s parents’ house, Handsome Husband helped his mom figure out aView full post »

Young Women Beach Retreat

Baby Dragon went on her first Young Women beach retreat! A member of our ward owns this beach house and lets us use itView full post »

Entertaining Friends

Over spring break, Baby Dragon invited a new friend over to bake with her. Baby Dragon LOVES to bake goodies, it is aView full post »

Fiddler on the Roof

Baby Dragon got to participate in the Fiddler on the Roof play this year! She was one of the younger of Tevye’sView full post »

December iPhone

Grandpa R sent a Star Wars Lego Advent calendar for Christmas. The kids loved it. Captain Adorable has a green mustacheView full post »

Beehive New Year’s Party

I invited the 12-13 year old Young Women (they are called Beehives) over for a New Year’s Eve party. Baby DragonView full post »

Baby Dragon turns 12!

Baby Dragon is 12! We have been so excited for this milestone for her! She will be going to Young Women at church nowView full post »

Bah Humbug!

Baby Dragon had her Christmas play performance. She was part of the Cratchit family in A Christmas Carol. She is theView full post »

Yard Work

Handsome Husband put the girls to work in the yard. Sweetie rakes the leaves. Baby Dragon got to wield the leafView full post »

Kid Pictures 2016

I took the kids to a local park to try and get some good yearly pictures. My cute Sweetie. Baby Dragon keeps growingView full post »

July iPhone Pics

Saying goodbye to Baby J and my sisters. So sad! We barely made it to Pendleton. Oh my goodness, I had a hard timeView full post »

MAD Camp

This year all three kids were able to participate in the Music, Art, and Drama Camp put on by a local church. The themeView full post »

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