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September iPhone Pics

Our pretty Multnomah Falls! After years of serving in the Young Women organization at church, I finally earned theView full post »

Neskowin Beach

We drove straight from the campground to the beach to have a fun afternoon with cousins. Captain Adorable and Cousin SView full post »

Total Solar Eclipse

It seemed like the whole world was buzzing about the total solar eclipse. We live in an area with 99.6% coverage and IView full post »

Water + Cousins

In preparation for Captain Adorable’s splash birthday party, we bought a slip n slide. We had to make it wet inView full post »

50th Celebration

We, as in all the married kids, organized a big family celebration for Mom and Dad’s 50th Wedding AnniversaryView full post »

Independence Day 2017

We went to our annual family gathering to celebrate the 4th of July. Baby Dragon enjoyed reading homemade comics withView full post »

June iPhone Pics

Sweetie and Cousin J love playing together at Grandma L’s house. And I enjoy getting my house allView full post »

Playing at Grandma and Grandpa’s

For the week that we stayed at Grandma L and Grandpa J’s house, the kids got to have some fun cousin time. I toldView full post »

Memorial Day

For Memorial Day we went dow to visit Handsome Husband’s parents’ house to spend time with family. TheView full post »

At the Zoo with Cousins

I took Sweetie and Captain Adorable to the zoo to meet up with cousins. Baby Dragon stayed home to work on her finalView full post »

Easter Egg Hunt

We went to Handsome Husband’s parents’ house to watch General Conference. In between sessions of listeningView full post »

November iPhone Pics

I love making fun chalk boards designs for each season. Captain Adorable wanted to wear a bowtie to school. SweetieView full post »

Dancing and Playing Ball

We went to the local church building and my very talented niece K and nephew A showed us their ballroom dancing. TheyView full post »

Thanksgiving 2.0

We enjoyed our Thanksgiving with Handsome Husband’s family as well.  Before going to his mom’s, HandsomeView full post »

Thanksgiving 1.0

This year we were so blessed to get to celebrate Thanksgiving twice! My aunt E was in town from Idaho and was leavingView full post »

Dipping Pretzels

We went to Handsome Husband’s parents’ house to watch General Conference and I brought some pretzels forView full post »

September iPhone Pics

While we were visiting Handsome Husband’s parents’ house we saw this huge, beautiful rainbow. At ourView full post »

Cape Lookout

We drove out to the beach to show the Redhead the coast. We went to Cape Lookout, we’d never been there sinceView full post »

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