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Oregon Zoo

We decided to go to the zoo on Saturday afternoon while we still had a membership. The kids always like climbing onView full post »

Portland Chinese Gardens

Years ago when I started blogging, I found some fellow bloggers online and followed their blogs. As I followed theirView full post »

Great Cats World

Handsome Husband found the perfect surprise for the kids. They were pretty excited when we pulled up. The only problemView full post »

This is the Place Park

We took the kids to the This is the Place Park. The significance of the park is that is where Brigham Young told theView full post »

Children’s Museum

Grandma and Grandpa took us to the Children’s Museum. Captain Adorable spent a good ten minutes running back andView full post »

November iPhone Pics 2015

If you ever wonder what things grab my kids’ eye at the store… Captain Adorable said, “Oh, I loveView full post »

New Children’s Museum

Grandpa R and Handsome Husband took Baby Dragon to a cold BYU football game. While they were gone my mom, my sister KView full post »

Dinosaur Museum

The kids always look forward to going to the Dinosaur Museum when we go to Grandma and Grandpa’s in Utah. SweetieView full post »

Exploring Fort Stevens

We took the kids to see the actual Fort Stevens site. This is the only part of the U.S. mainland that was attackedView full post »

DQ, Pedicures, OMSI

Whenever my parents come to visit, my dad always insists on taking the kids to DQ. It has become a little tradition. WeView full post »

March iPhone Pics

There is Baby Dragon zonked out at church after our Disneyland trip. Handsome Husband carrying Sweetie and CaptainView full post »

Museum Time

We bought a pass to the Portland Children’s Museum this year. Sweetie made a beeline for the veterinarianView full post »


We went to OMSI on New Year’s Eve. My dad helped these people make this arch. Captain Adorable played in theView full post »

Gilbert House

Handsome Husband went to his parents’ house to see some cousins who were visiting and the rest of us went to theView full post »

Oregon Coast Aquarium

Grandma L and Grandpa J invited all the grandkids to go with them to the Oregon Coast Aquarium since M and H were inView full post »

Zoo with Friends

Jeana and I decided we hadn’t seen enough of each other so we scheduled a double family date to the zoo. The kidsView full post »

Children’s Museum Party

We had a pretty full day planned for Captain Adorable’s 5th birthday. First we took the kids to the PortlandView full post »

Japanese Gardens

We got to play tourists with Adam and Stefanie. We hadn’t ever been to the Japanese Gardens, so it was a newView full post »

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