Nerf War

Handsome Husband and Captain Adorable had a little Nerf War at home. Captain Adorable made himself a fort to shootView full post »

Pinewood Derby Car

Handsome Husband has been helping Captain Adorable design his very first pinewood derby car. It turned out so cool.View full post »


Captain Adorable had a playdate with three friends from school. They ate peanut butter and honey sandwiches. TheyView full post »

February iPhone Pics

Baby Dragon and the girls at school are singing along to The Greatest Showman soundtrack. Captain Adorable got to goView full post »

Snow Day

We had an entire week off of school because of snow. It was lovely. Of course, half of the time there was hardly anyView full post »

January iPhone Pics

We introduced Grandpa R and Grandma J to the joy of Mod Pizza. Giving Grandma hugs goodbye. We loved having themView full post »

How to Tie a Tie

Handsome Husband gave Captain Adorable some tie tying instruction. I have never learned how to tie a tie, so this isView full post »

Gabby’s Baptism

Jeana and Fernando’s daughter Gabby is eight and we went up to see her baptism. Jeana is like my 6th sister andView full post »

Safari Sam’s

We wanted to celebrate Sweetie’s birthday with Grandma J and Grandpa R while they were still in town. We tookView full post »

December iPhone Pics

We went to a climbing gym with classmates for PE. Sweetie and Captain Adorable loved it. Baby Dragon wasn’t soView full post »

New Year’s Eve

We hosted a family New Year’s party. We played some very fun games. This is Reverse Charades. One personView full post »


We took the kids iceskating. Handsome Husband put on some skates to go around the ice with them. He is such a goodView full post »

Grandpa & Grandma Time

Grandpa R played Santorini with Captain Adorable while Grandma J and Sweetie put together Grandma’s LegoView full post »

Beach Getaway

Weeks ago, Handsome Husband mentioned that he would like to have a getaway with just him and I. He didn’t think IView full post »

Christmas Presents

Captain Adorable was ready to go, ripping open his presents. Sweetie was excited to get the whole set of Misty ofView full post »

Christmas Breakfast

We love having a fancy Christmas breakfast. It is one of my favorite traditions. Handsome Husband cooked up someView full post »

Christmas Morning: Santa

On Christmas morning, Baby Dragon gave the cat a special breakfast of wet cat food before she went to see her presents.View full post »

Christmas PJs

The kids opened the Christmas PJs. We gave the sister missionaries matching scarves. Uncle Robert and Aunt Abra got aView full post »

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